South William Clinic & Spa

Jane Iredale Dazzle & Shine Eyeshadow Kit


Dazzle and Shine this season with the Jane Iredale Eyeshadow Kit. This palette contains 8 shades in total with a mixture of shimmers and matte's to create the perfect eyeshadow look. 

Shimmer shades:

  • Ginger Beer - Shimmery peach gold
  • Rose - Shimmery pink gold
  • Cranberry Punch - Shimmery burgundy
  • Hot Toddy - shimmery eggplant

Matte shades:

  • Prosecco- Matte vanilla
  • Cider - Matte terra cota
  • Mulled wine - matte fuchsia plum
  • Hot Cocoa - Matte chocolate brown

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