Indulge yourself with an unforgettable massage experience in our city centre haven! Our highly skilled massage therapists will customise your massage based on your individual preferences. Choose from a wide range of massage treatments including Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue, Lava Shell, Pregnancy Massage and much more.



Holistic Massage is adapted to the needs of the modern stressful life. Its aim is to treat the whole person body mind and soul. Holistic Massage relaxes the muscles, calms the emotions, improves the circulation, recharges the body's immune system, refreshes the spirit and balances the life forces. This massage is designed with the client's needs in mind. 

Holistic Back & Head Massage | 40 mins €55.00
Holistic Back Massage | 30 mins €45.00
Holistic Back, Neck, Shoulder & Head Massage | 60 mins €80.00
Holistic Full Body Massage | 60 mins €80.00




Deep tissue massage is designed to specifically relieve stress and tension in the body. This massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles. It is used for chronic aches and pains, and contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, lower back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.

Deep Tissue Back Massage | 40 mins €55.00
Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage | 60 mins €80.00
Deep Tissue Full Body Massage | 80 mins €95.00




Lava Shell Massage is a relaxing massage that uses heat similar to hot stone massage. During a Lava Shell Massage, the therapist uses real shells from the Philippines to gently massage your body. The heat comes from inside the Lava Shells due to a mixture of a minerals and algae with salt water and essential oils. The therapist holds the shell in the palm of their hand while using light massage strokes. It's primarily a relaxing, soothing massage.

Lava Shell Back Massage | 40 mins €70.00
Lava Shell Full Body Massage | 60 mins €90.00

Lava Shell Full Body Massage | 90 mins €120.00




Indulge in this ancient based therapeutic foot massage, using the foot as a map of the body, pressure points along the energy meridians to improve well being and overall function of all the body’s system and feel the tension release while improving circulation, reducing stress, pain and restoring natural balance. It stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system into healing itself. A very soothing massage. 

Reflexology |  40 mins €55.00
Reflexology |  60 mins €80.00




Based on the ancient Indian Ayurvedic system of healing this massage relieves muscular tension and stress within the body. This treatment focuses mainly on the head, neck and shoulder area. The therapist uses their hands to ease out tightness within the muscle fibres freeing your body of unwanted aches & pains, giving you a feeling of weightlessness. Especially good for relieving insomnia, stress & headaches. 

Indian Back, Neck, Shoulder & Head Massage | 60 mins €80.00
Indian Back & Head Massage | 40 mins €55.00

Indian Head & Face Massage | 30 mins €45.00




    Designed to alleviate postural pressures due to normal body adjustments during pregnancy. This pre/post natal massage helps reduce fatigue by aiding the circulatory and lymphatic systems, bringing comfort and relaxation. This service may be enjoyed by expectant mothers after the first trimester. 

    Pregnancy Full Body Massage | 60 mins €85.00
    Pregnancy Back Massage | 30 mins €55.00

    Pregnancy Leg Massage | 30 mins €55.00




    Choose from a selection of essential oils with powerful relaxation and healing properties. Combining these oils with massage enhances lymph flow, restores lost energy and creates a deep sense of relaxation.

    Aromatherapy Full Body Massage | 60 mins €80.00
    Aromatherapy Back Massage | 30 mins €45.00



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