EmSculpt NEO

EmSculpt NEO October Offer: course of 4 treatments (save €1,401)

€1,599 €3,000

Exclusive October Offer! 

Almost 50% OFF a course of the recommended 4 treatments of new EmSculpt NEO, two treatments combined; Hifem muscle building and RF heat to melt fat for overall optimal results. 

Build muscle and burn fat with the amazing next generation EmSculpt NEO.

  • 4 sessions of EmSculpt NEO for one treatment area such as abdomen, bum and arms.
  • EmSculpt NEO includes Radio Frequency Heat for simultaneous fat reduction, in addition to the muscle tightening effects of EmSculpt, for optimal results.

Each session lasts just 30-mins and the result is up to 25% more muscle and up to 30% less fat, the new gold standard body treatment for muscle building and fat reduction. 

All treatments subject to consultation with one of our body experts. 



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