Environ Micro Needling Gold Luxe Set (worth €342)


Limited Edition: Luxurious Environ micro-needling set with cosmetic roller and hydration serum. 

Set contains:

  • Gold Cosmetic Roll CIT 0.2mm
  • Focus Care Moisture+ Hydrating Serum 30ml


  • Delivers more essential nutrients from Environ products to where the skin needs them most with this industry leading micro-needling instrument.
  • Hand held 14 carat gold plated roller CIT has 260 ultra-fine definition points to help products penetrate deeply.
  • Hydrating serum contains a high level of hyaluronic acid which attracts a huge amount of water.
  • Serum is extremely hydrating.
  • Skin feels plumper and healthier.

How to use:

  • After cleansing and toning your skin, using a light pressure gently roll across face, taking extra care around sensitive areas.
  • Roll for about 3 minutes, starting twice weekly and gradually building it up to a nightly routine. 
  • Follow with Focus Care Moisture+ Hydrating Serum. 
  • Rinse your roller after each use and allow to air dry, wash thoroughly once a week with the Environ Cleansing Solution to increase the life of your roller and to maintain hygiene.

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