South William Clinic & Spa

Radio Frequency & Micro-Needling Skin Rejuvenation Combo (save €451)


This exceptional skin rejuvenation combination treatment will provide your skin with outstanding results. The combination of powerful radio frequency to drive heat deep into the skin, remodelling collagen and forcing improvements on the skin’s surface, combined with our most popular skin rejuvenation treatment micro-needling, which stimulates collagen production and tissue repair, to leave your skin looking fresh and glowing.

Course includes;

  • 3 x Sublative RF Full Face Treatments 
  • 3 x Micro-Needling Full Face Treatments 

*Optional: add Sublime Skin Tightening 3 sessions for only €300 (save €300) to add skin tightening and facial contouring, to complete our holy grail of skin rejuvenation. 

Benefits of this treatment combination;

  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Improved overall skin tone and texture
  • Reduction in visible acne and other scars 
  • Plumper, more youthful and glowing skin 
  • Add Sublime for firmer, more defined facial contour 

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