Ultraceuticals Brightening Serum 30ml


This remarkable formula was developed to visibly improve the appearance of mild-excess pigmentation and enhance skin's clarity & luminosity. 

This 2 actions in 1 serum helps reduce the appearance of mild discolouration like never before. This remarkable formula features skin brighteners Oxyresveratrol and Melissa Officinalis with powerful exfoliants (AHAs, BHA). It has been shown to visibly diminish the appearance of blotchiness and enhance skin luminosity and clarity.

This product is part of the Ultra Brightening Range, which also includes the Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser and Ultra Brightening Moisturiser Cream. 

Suitable for Normal, Dry & Oily skin types.


  • Contains a powerful blend of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Oxyresveratrol & Melissa Officinalis Extract to help enhance skin luminosity and clarity.
  • Visibly brightens the skin.


  • Apply once a day, on alternate days, gradually build to daily use as tolerated.
  • Apply evenly to cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area.
  • Always apply SPF30 or SPF50+ during the day when using Ultraceuticals treatment products.


Melissa Officinalis, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) & Hydroxyresveratrol - Assist with brightening the skin. Melissa Officinalis is also known as Lemon Balm and is an Alpine plant.

Salicylic Acid (BHA) - Salicylic Acid is an effective surface exfoliator. Naturally found in Wintergreen, Sweet Birch Bark, and Willowbark, Salicylic Acid retextures the skin’s surface by exfoliating old skin cells of the Stratum Corneum allowing new younger cells to surface.

Lactic Acid (AHA) - An Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Lactic Acid is naturally found in milk, molasses, and human skin. Lactic Acid exfoliates the skin.

Citric Acid (AHA) - An AHA known for its exfoliation and antioxidant properties. Citric acid also helps exfoliate the skin.

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