Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy Course of 5 +2 FREE (Save €180)


Cryotherapy Exclusive Lockdown Sale Offer!
A course of 5 +2 FREE (Save €180)

Whole Body Cyotherapy is a new form of treatment which exposes the body to sub-zero temperatures over a short period of time resulting in multiple health benefits. Cryotherapy is widely used by professional athletes across the globe as a means of improving performance and accelerating recovery. For a long time cryotherapy has been a beauty secret for Hollywood celebrities who love the treatment for its anti-ageing and multiple health benefits including pain management, stress relief, fatigue, depression, increased metabolism, increased energy, healthier skin and hair. 


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  • Once purchased contact us on 015379222 or email info@southwilliamspa.com to arrange your booking, your order number is your booking reference.

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