Yonka Paris

Yonka Paris Juvenil 15ml

Juvenil is the incontestable solution for skin challenges, like teenage or other blemishes that won’t go away or ingrown hairs that turn into acne spots. The ichthyol, essential oils and lactic acids in the solution are very cleansing, while calendula extract has soothing properties. Apply this alcohol-free fluid as a spot treatment. It will penetrate instantly and quickly help skin get clearer and healthier.
  • Contains 95% natural ingredients
  • Cleanses, purifies and promotes the regeneration of the skin.
  • Leaves skin soothed and healthier
  • Rescue treatment for inflamed acne


  1. Morning and/or evening, after carefully cleansing/removing make-up from your skin and a mist of Yon-Ka Lotion for normal to oily skin, apply Juvenil locally to blemishes.
  2. Then apply your complementary, protective and treating care, generally PG Cream, to the entire face and neck.


Ichthyol - Cleansing
Lactic acid - Cleansing
Organic calendula - Soothing
Quintessence Yon-Ka - Revitalising/Renewing/Cleansing/Soothing/Purifying

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