Yonka Paris

Yonka Simulastine Jour 50ml


Anti-wrinkle and deep restructuring breakthrough.
Silky and quickly absorbed, this cream with boswellia counteracts the degradation of the elastin fibers and preserves the elasticity of the skin.

Up to -64% wrinkles*



After cleansing and spraying with LOTION YON-KA, apply STIMULASTINE JOUR to the neck and face in the morning and STIMULASTINE NUIT in the evening.


Essential Ingredients

• Boswellia: anti-wrinkles - anti-élastase 

• Polyoses from oats: smoothing - lifting 

• Shea butter, cereal germ oil: repairing - protecting 

• Plant glycerin, grape seed oil, soy peptides: hydrating - reconstituting 

• Vitamins E, C, A, co-enzyme Q10: anti-oxidants – regenerating

• Essential oils of geranium, lavender, neroli and jasmine:  relaxing

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